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The conference aims to contribute to clarity in the development sector about what constitutes robustness, i.e. core values and quality standard, for evaluative practice in development that recognises the complexity of societal transformation.

The core questions on which conference participants will focus are:
1. What values and quality standards are needed within evaluative practice in order to understand and influence such change processes?
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of innovative examples of evaluative practice that do justice to the complexity of change?
3. Where do trade-offs occur in quality standards and core values? What are the consequences of these trade-offs for evaluation findings and for development?
4. What constitutes ‘robust evaluation’ for societal transformation, in terms of core values and quality standards?
5. What needs to shift in development in order to make possible high quality, value-driven evaluative practices that influence societal transformation?

Cutting across these questions will be themes such as: 
– Evaluation tasks with rigour and values maintained within each task
– Attribution contribution and related paradigms about methodological 
rigour and consequences for value driven practice
– Power and political forces in shaping evaluative practice and what is considered good quality
– Paradigms and values of change and of evaluative practice.


For more information, please see this flyer.


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