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Below you will find the cases that will be discussed during the conference. Please click on the case below to find elaborate information about the topic, the methodological focus, the case owner and the country of the case study.

Case 1: Using Action Research And Appreciative Inquiry To Explore Effectiveness In Social Justice And Environmental Advocacy Work , Canada

Case 2: Planning, Learning and Accountability for Sustainable Agricultural Chain Development: The case of VECO Indonesia, Indonesia

Case 3: Evaluation of Dutch Support to Capacity Development: Evidence-Based Case Studies, A Case Presentation on SOCSIS, Latin America, Africa, Asia/ Somalia

Case 4: Social Return on Investment- A case study on the Grain Bank to offset the risk of severe drought conditions in the Malpura Block of Rajasthan –India, India

Case 5: Children/ Education/ Networks, Global

Case 6: Formative evaluation and outcome monitoring of democracy and governance , Cambodia

Case 7: Evaluation of the Stronger, Smarter Realities program, Australië

Case 8: Application of Multiple Rigorous Methods in Impact Evaluation: Experience from BRAC ELA Programme in Uganda and Tanzania ., Uganda

Case 9: Participatory Assessment of Development, Burkina Faso / Ghana




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