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Case 1

Title: Using Action Research And Appreciative Inquiry To Explore Effectiveness In Social Justice And Environmental Advocacy Work.

Four year work with nine diverse advocacy organizations across Canada looked at the questions ‘How do you know you are being effective or successful? And what were the factors or conditions that contributed to success?’. Tools from Appreciative Inquiry were used to frame the conversations in a series of workshops, individual interviews and a symposium in 2009 bringing together representatives from those involved. In addition to a wealth of stories about successful events/campaigns, or successful aspects of their work, the results illustrate the importance of a much fuller understanding of what success means to activists, and the factors/conditions that contribute to that. It is much broader than specific policy or program change, to include aspects such as changes in awareness and attitudes, organizational functioning and personal meanings. Such aspects are much harder to measure but just as important.

Case owner/ presenter(s): Professor Dr. Elizabeth (Bessa) Whitmore
Country of case study: Canada
Methodological focus: Appreciative Inquiry

1. Effectiveness In Social Justice And Environmental Advocacy Work




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