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Case 2

Title: Planning, Learning and Accountability for Sustainable Agricultural Chain Development: The case of VECO Indonesia.

In line with the aspiration of Vredeseilanden (the Belgian HQ) to apply a more learning-oriented planning and M&E system – integrated into the management processes of the organisation and its programme – it was decided to use Outcome Mapping as the guiding approach for the development of the programme 2008-2013 and its M&E process. The case explains the Intentional Design of the programme and discusses the linkages between this OM-based design framework and the use of LFA-based proposal and report format. Furthermore, it describes the development process of a learning-oriented M&E system, which was consciously designed to support the planning process, to facilitate (organisational) learning and to fulfil the accountability requirements. The PLAs guides the implementation of the programme and allows VECO to track and understand the complexity of developing agricultural value chains with local farmer groups.

Case owner/ presenter(s): Steff Deprez
Country of case study: Indonesia, Belgium (headquarters) and other VECOs
Methodological focus
: OM, logframe, participatory learning and action methodologies for field level

Documentation: The case of VECO Indonesia


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