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Case 3

Title: Evaluation of Dutch Support to Capacity Development: Evidence-Based Case Studies, A Case Presentation on SOCSIS.

IOB carries out independent evaluations of policies and operations in all fields of development cooperation. Early 2009 IOB launched an evaluation of Dutch support for capacity development that will result in a synthesis report based on a series of evaluations of the support for capacity development provided by seven organisations in 17 countries. Although these organisations work in different fields, they are all directly involved in promoting and supporting capacity development. The evaluators have looked at how and under what circumstances capacity has developed. Recognising that capacity is elusive and often transient, the evaluation has not used a predefined concept of capacity, and will regard organisations and networks as open systems with permeable boundaries. This approach allowed the evaluators to focus on how capacity has developed from within, rather than to look only at what outsiders have done to support and promote it. The five capabilities model has been applied as analytical framework, in which the broad concept of capacity is divided into five core capabilities that every organisation and system possesses. The capabilities are strongly interrelated, and provide the basis for assessing a situation at a particular moment, after which the capacity of the system can be monitored and tracked over time in order to assess how it has developed. The evaluation will be illustrated by a case in Somalia.

Case owner/ presenter(s): Piet de Lange/ Tom Olila
Country of case study: Latin America, Africa, Asia/ Somalia
Methodological focus: Multi-methods


1. Case presentation SOCSIS
2. Evaluating capacity development support


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