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Case 5

Title: Children/ Education/ Networks.

Aflatoun is an organisation delivering social and financial education to over 540,000 children in 38 countries. Interestingly, Aflatoun is a network in which the partners who deliver the programme do so voluntary and are not funded. This changes the planning, monitoring and evaluation dynamic by requiring greater accountability to the needs of partners and more collaboration in designing evaluation tools and approaches. In developing its approach, the organisation integrated mixed methods from quality assurance, to secretariat assessments, to qualitative tools, to rigorous impact evaluation. In so doing, it hoped to develop a single integrated evaluative practice that might capture all the different facets of learning. These results are published annually. This case will attempt to demonstrate how different methods can be combined to create a comprehensive single practice and shows the challenges of developing a functional practice using a partnership approach. It will also work with participants to develop a tool for assessing the efficacy of a central organisation/secretariat within a network.

Case owner/ presenter(s): Simon Bailey and Andrew Magunda
Country of case study: Global
Methodological focus: Multi-methods

Documentation:  Children/ Education/ Networks




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